My Life Secret and How Katy Perry’s Music Inspired Me To Expose It

This girl is amazing. I love her dearly, I loved her even before I knew about all of this, although I knew she had a lot of problems. I knew her from the youth group and I can affirm everything she says is true. I still know her ❤ and I try to be a support for her even though we only really talk through facebook now. I never know how MUCH she was going through, but I always tried to be nice to her and be understanding even though we weren't that close. I can't see her often now because she doesn't always go to church and we also don't go to the same services, but I still love her ❤ I hope that whoever see's my post will spread the word and send this video out into the web so that Katy Perry can see it. I know it would make Mariah so happy! Please share!


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