One More Second

Project Together Team

One More Second

Two Door Cinema Club – Come Back Home

“The loneliest people are the kindest, The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.” ~Anonymous

I stared at the ceiling above me. Blank, blank, blank. That’s how I felt – with the hint of gut wrenching pain. I tried not to focus on it because if I ignore it, it goes away. Lie.
I abruptly got up from my bed, grabbed my keys and walked out of my empty apartment. My parents were working. I didn’t have a terrible backstory. I didn’t have a tragic disorder. I couldn’t tell you where the pain came from. Which probably hurt the most.
Pain is pain, in any form. It doesn’t matter the amount because it all hurts, just in different ways. I didn’t know why I was sad.
My friend cut herself. I didn’t think it would leave scars though. It’s kinda nice to know you’re not alone – the thing is, you’re always alone in your own head. Your prison, of sorts. You might think you’re protecting yourself, but you’re not. You’re hindering yourself. But once you’ve built those walls they take so much effort to pull down – even if it’s just an inch.
I headed over to the cafe in my neighborhood. It felt good to finally breathe in fresh air. It was late spring but the weather had been harsh all year. Only now was it warm enough to go out without a sweater. Winter always gets to me. That winter depression syndrome or whatever the hell they call it.
I jogged across the street as a car beeped at me. When I hopped on the curb, I could already smell coffee. Love the smell, can’t stand the taste. As I sat down, I already saw Joe coming over to me – hot chocolate, cinnabun, and coffee in hand. Joe was a near-30 year old man who had become my friend over the winter.
I had gone to the cafe one day because I was sick of winter and was in need of some chocolate to make me feel better. I guess he noticed and sat with me, claiming he was on break. I didn’t believe him at the time but I let him stay.
“You good?” He asked, sitting down.
As I grabbed my beautiful hot chocolate and cinnamon, I replied, “Eh. Alright I guess. It’s spring so…”
“Ah, the bitter Winter has been chased away by Spring.” He said with a dramatic wave of his hand.
I nodded slowly, smirking slightly at his poetic statement.
As I watched the steam from his coffee wreath around his face, Joe said, “So you hangin’ in there?”
“Yeah. One second at a time.” I said softly.
He smiled and winked. “That’s the way.”
~Edited June 20, 2013~


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