Sun Chasers #2 Nine years old, Stability

Nine years old.

I was in the only ballet studio in town taking my weekly class. We had to keep our legs up as high as we could for as long as we could. By the time the teacher said we could go home I was shaking. I grabbed my purple dance bag and walked out the studio. As I passed the windows, I saw Caleb’s eyes peeking in and happily skipped around the door to meet him. 

“Hiya!” I said, stopping right in front of him. He usually picked me up because our neighborhood was really safe and everything was close together, so my parents let us go wherever by ourselves. 

“Hi Kayla. My mom gave me money so we can buy ice cream,” he said. I noticed he was sweaty. It was okay. I was probably sweaty too.

“Okay. Let’s go to Longford’s!” I said with a big grin. He grinned too. 

Longford’s was everyone’s favorite ice cream store. They had weird flavors and the shop was really cute. It was even in the original architecture from years ago. It had a nice village feel. Well, the whole town did.

As soon we walked out the studio building I felt the sun start to bake me. It must’ve been a thousand degrees out. It just made me want ice cream even more. 

Once we got to the shop, baked and ready, I ran up to the ice cream and put my face up against the glass. I saw Caleb do the same next to me. Immediately after spotting the mint chocolate chip ice cream, I made my decision. 

Mint chocolate chip was always the best.

I looked to see Caleb already ordering. We always got the same thing but I liked to think I had options.

I guess I liked that the most. The “always” part of everything. Stability. I never was one for change.

By the time Caleb paid, I had already smushed half the cup in my face.

“You didn’t wait for me!” Caleb whined. I just giggled. Once he got his vanilla cup, we headed home. 

The sun was setting and I gazed up at the pink and purple sky in awe. 

“I wish it would always be like this.” I said.

“That’s why we’re sun chasers, right?”



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