[Im]perfection Dare: Day 2

I was young once. We all were; but time does not stop for anyone nor does it favor anyone. 

Everyday I trek to the attic and look through my memory boxes.

Everyday I open my old tin box and take out my memoirs.

I have many papers stored there, all dating from 1948 to 1963. I flip through them and pick one to read.

Everyday it’s a new memory.

Once I pick, I’m transported back to my youth, back when my bones didn’t creak, squeak, and crack.

This is my life. Only memories. 

Though most of my life is gone, I try to enjoy the time I have left. I spend time with my grandchildren, whom I love dearly. I keep a good relationship with my children. I try to keep this family together. I just hope that once I’m gone, my children will do the same. 

My time may be up, but I know I lived the way I loved, and loved the way I lived. 

My only advice is, “Don’t let it slip on by.”


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