Quote of the Day

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.
~Edwin Schlossberg

This is so true. The only times I’ve been jolted out of reading a story is when I can’t think the way the author is writing.

P.S. I’ve found that people are only quoted when they speak the truth. If not, we’d have quotes like,”Sausage are people too,” which is just ridiculous. Now I’m hungry.


Love Life

Love Life

Live the way you want, Love the way you live.
It’s your life; make it ‘you’. Start loving the way you live.

Jesus came to give us life and more abundantly; it would be a shame to waste it.

My Life Secret and How Katy Perry’s Music Inspired Me To Expose It

This girl is amazing. I love her dearly, I loved her even before I knew about all of this, although I knew she had a lot of problems. I knew her from the youth group and I can affirm everything she says is true. I still know her ❤ and I try to be a support for her even though we only really talk through facebook now. I never know how MUCH she was going through, but I always tried to be nice to her and be understanding even though we weren't that close. I can't see her often now because she doesn't always go to church and we also don't go to the same services, but I still love her ❤ I hope that whoever see's my post will spread the word and send this video out into the web so that Katy Perry can see it. I know it would make Mariah so happy! Please share!

Celtic and Gaelic

I watched Brave last night. It was a cute movie; some may have been disappointed, but I knew that it wouldn’t have interesting plot twists and crazyness going on because it’s a kids movie. But, it got me thinking about celtic and gaelic folk lore. I’ve already placed a hold on two celtic lore books from the library. I’m thinking of writing a book, similar to Inkheart, in the fantasy genre.


I’ll be getting to reading some more about the celts 🙂 here’s some more pics:




Little extra: Celts is a broad term for most in the United Kingdom. Gaelic is a part of that, specifically Irish. All Gaelic are Celts but not all Celts are Gaelic, if you catch my drift.

Story Quote

On the other hand, no matter how many things in life you do expect, there are always those twist and turns that are going to inevitably follow. There is always going to be the things in life that you don’t, and can’t, expect. It’s the reason I love the term “we’re expecting” when talking about pregnancy. It really makes it sound like there’s more than one outcome to a pregnancy. Like yeah, we’re expecting a baby. But it could be a velociraptor. You just never know what’s going to pop out of there, do you? Like some kind of mad pick n’ mix. The whole idea I’m aiming at here is that it’s impossible to always expect the unexpected. It sounds stupid but it’s true. The totally unexpected aspect of life is the whole reason I’m in this mess.

This is an excerpt from a book on Wattpad-if you don’t know what it is, then check it out wattpad.com-called Definitely Not Disney. It’s by a person who calls themselves UnicornFartGlitter. As you can tell, by the quote and name, it’s crazy funny. I haven’t read it all yet, but since wattpad works by uploading in parts, the story isn’t finished yet. I like spending time on wattpad and reading other aspiring authors post their stuff. Some even end up publishing those books 🙂 plus, it’s a nice community to be a part of. So, just thought I’d share that 🙂 ~GraceGurl


It was late summer, almost Autumn but not quite. I was listening to some old style jazz by Beegie Adair while walking through the meadow nearby my house. This was my favorite thing to do, I’d been strolling through the meadow since I was little. Always when I was stressed or had too much on my mind, I could come to the meadow and feel all my worries slip away. As I walked along, I trailed my fingers in the long grass and let my mind wander. Then I saw a shadow move in the bushes by the forest. It’s probably a forest animal I told myself. I started making my way away from the animal, but when I glanced over my shoulder again, I found that the shadow was actually a horse. It only had a saddle blanket and a bridle on. I wondered wether the owner was nearby or not.
After taking off my headphones and leaving them hanging around my neck, I aproached slowly because I didn’t know if the horse took kindly to strangers, but he was very friendly. He even came to me and nodded at me. As I patted his neck-assuming it was a he-I started searching the forest with my eyes.
“Well, I’m not going to see anything from here what with the forest being so thick.” I said more to me then the horse. I turned back to him.”Do you know where your owner is?” I asked him. He started grazing. Well you’re no help I thought to myself. “Guess I’ll head into the woods myself.” I gave him a last pat on the neck and turned to go into the woods. I entered the foliage and the world seemed to disappear, replaced by the darker forest.
“And who might you be?” Asked a male voice to my left. I jumped, startled. When I looked to my left I found him. Dang, he was cute.

“Hi. I was just looking for the owner of that lovely horse over there. Presumably that would be you?” I asked with a smile.

“Yep that would be me.” He said, returning the smile. He looked about my age, mid teens. He had chocolate tousled hair and warm hazel eyes. I should probably mention that his smile could probably melt metal if he tried. I myself felt my bones turning to the consistency of mush. No! Resist the temptation to swoon! You must be strong!  I mentally scolded myself.

Hello world!

This page will be basically thoughts and paragraphs of things that I create randomly. Like maybe one day im sitting on my porch and start thinking of a scene where a girl is walking through a meadow and finds a horse wandering with only a blanket and bridle on. Then she finds the owner in the woods nearby. Random paragraphs like that. I should actually write that down….